Your Time at The Ark

A unique day and night game viewing lodge modeled on Noah’s Ark.

Lunch is served at the Aberdare Country Club and at 2.30 pm the journey to The Ark begins. During this journey, guests have the opportunity to view herds of buffaloes, elephants, warthogs, baboons, hyenas and on many occasions the leopard.

At 4 pm, tea and coffee are served and at 5 pm, you can experience the feeding of the birds on The Ark bridge.

Once inside The Ark, the Resident host and hostess close the door at 6.30 pm and open it again at 6.30 am.

Before dinner, the host gives an interactive talk to guests, who can ask questions and get answers about the local fauna and animals. Dinner is served from 7.30 pm to 9 pm.

Going to bed early does not mean missing the action. Guests have been known to stay up all night watching the wildlife. If you do want to go to bed, during the night our resident ranger stays on watch and will buzz your room if an interesting animal comes to the water hole.

One ring for Elephant, two rings for Rhino, three rings for Leopard and four rings for other unusual sightings like the Giant Forest Hog. The choice is yours – and you can turn the buzzer off if you like!

At 6.30 am a xylophone is played along the corridors as a wake up call and at 7 am breakfast is served. Departure time is 8 am.

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