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Aberdare National Park Information

The Park is managed by the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) and requires a prepaid smart card to gain entry. These are available in Nairobi or at the Park Head Quarters in Mweiga, Nyeri.

Encircled by the wild and beautiful moorlands of the third highest mountain range in Kenya, this scenic park offers a mist-weathered realm where elephants roam through lichen-hung forests, spectacular waterfalls plunge into churning pools, and trout filled streams cascade through mossy dells. A haven for anglers, walkers and lovers of solitude alike, it also offers matchless views of the glittering coronet of Mt. Kenya and the sparkling lakes of the Great Rift Valley.

The park is also famous for freedom fighters hideouts where we have Mau caves that were being used by field marshal General Dedan Kimathi and his Mau Mau prior to independence.

The park is renowned for its torrential waterfalls plunging from cloud-shrouded heights to spray-filled ravines.

The park provides excellent fishing in the cool mountain streams. Both brown and rainbow trout abound in these streams and provide excellent angling. (A sport-fishing license can be obtained at the park office).

Guest Information

Meal Time & Other Activities

Lunch: 12.45 hours
Afternoon Tea/Coffee: 16.00 hours
Bird Feeding: 17.00 hours
Lecture by the Ark Host: 18.30 hours
Dinner: 19.30 hours
Breakfast: 07.00 hours

Coffee/Tea is available from 2100hours throughout the night at the bar lounge.

Drinking Water
We provide one bottle (300ml) of water in the room per person per day. It is not advisable to drink water from the taps. Additional bottled water is available for purchase in the bar.

Wake Up Call
A xylophone is played up and down the corridors of the ship at 06:30 as a wake up call.

Safari Drives in The Salient, Aberdare National Park, Mount Kenya national Park, Olpejeta Ranch or Solio Ranch – a home of black and white rhinos. Please book with reception.

Game Viewing Wake Up Call

1. One bell ring
for sighted elephants.
2. Two bell rings
for sighted rhinos.
3. Three bell rings
for leopard or any other cat.
4. Four bell rings
for any unusual sighting.

*Please note the bell/buzzer can be switched off at your convenience from within the room*

Public Game Viewing Areas
Available on every deck overlooking the Wasambara Swamp and salt lick.

Credit Cards
We accept most major credit/debit cards including VISA and MASTERCARD. Please enquire for more details.

Gift Shop
The gift shop sells local crafts and souvenirs, including safari essentials and is open from 09.00am to evening hours, daily.

Electricity Supply
We do everything we can to ensure that you have a continuous power supply. Please help us by turning off the lights in your room when you leave your room.

Fire and Safety Information
Smoking is not allowed in the rooms. You can smoke on “B” deck – the open viewing balcony only. In the unlikely event of a fire, fire escape doors are located at the end of every deck overlooking the water hole.

*Watch out for the narrow stairs between decks*

Once on board, you remain on The Ark. In daylight you may take a walk on the bridge only. Please do not attempt to go beyond the end of the bridge, and please do not try to feed any of the wild animals that come close to the decks.

Foreign Currency
Acceptable foreign currency and travelers cheques can be exchanged. Please contact the Ark Host or Hostess. We will require to see your passport details when changing traveler’s cheques.

All soft drinks, beer, wine, spirits, champagne and liquors will be charged to your room. Please settle your bills before departure.
The bar is usually open until late.

Special Occasions
Celebrating a birthday, anniversary or any other special occasion at The Ark should be an unforgettable moment. With a little advance notice, we can arrange for a private dinner, birthday cake or even a sundowner.

Valuables (Safe Deposit)
These should be handed over to the Ark Host or Hostess for safe keeping free of charge. You will be given a receipt and the package will be kept in the safe. It can only be recovered by producing the receipt.

Water Conservation
Water is Africa’s most precious resource. Please help us conserve it. Washing towels consumes vast quantities of water and washing powder pollutes. Please help us by deciding the following;

  • If you want your towel washed, please leave it on the floor.
  • If you want to use it again, hang it on the rail.
  • Please turn off the water tap after use.

Thank you for contributing to conservation.

Your Comments
Please hand over your comment(s) if any to the Ark Host or Hostess. We will action on it immediately. Guest Comment Cards can be found at the reception.

Ark Sailing Certificates
Thank you for your company on this voyage. You now qualify for an Ark sailing Certificate to take home with you and remember your voyage with us. Please obtain it from the Ark Host or Hostess as you check out.

In case of any queries please contact the Ark Host or Hostess.

Yours sincerely,

The Ark & Aberdare Country Club Management.

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