Commitment to the Local Community

initiative-pack-for-a-purposeMarasa Africa is delighted to affiliate itself with an outstanding initiative called Pack For a Purpose.

The idea behind this is that those fortunate to travel to other countries have the opportunity to make meaningful contributions to the communities they visit. For the guests that would like to make a small, easy, but meaningful contribution to the local community, please view our needs list at the Pack For a Purpose website to find out what you’ll need. The project supported by The Ark, is Ikumari Primary School.



The Muljibhai Madhvani Foundation

The Muljibhai Madhvani Foundation is a charitable trust that was set up in 1962 on the eve of Uganda’s Independence to honour the vision of the late Muljibhai Prabhudas Madhvani (14th May 1894 – 11th July 1958.)

In keeping with Muljibhai Prabhudas Madhvani’s foresight we are looking for graduates with vision; individuals who are able to perceive the path to Uganda’s future and who not only want to travel the road but also actively participate in its development.

One of the Foundation’s primary objectives is to maintain and promote scientific and technical education among the people of Uganda. The scholarship programme is aimed at benefiting Ugandans pursuing either undergraduate or graduate studies at University level in Uganda and has been in operation since the 2003/04 academic year (after the repossession of the assets by the Foundation) , awarding over Four Hundred Million Uganda Shillings to a selected batch of graduates for each year until graduation.

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